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What We Do

The MSC Foundation is motivated by our deep sense of responsibility for the planet and its resources, particularly the oceans, and driven by our shared duty to leave a better world for the future generations.

Through it, we are able to assist disaster-struck populations toward recovery and support vulnerable communities around the world to realise their full potential through education, sustainable development and medical humanitarian programs.


The Foundation works both independently and in conjunction with trusted partners that have a strong innovative vision or track record for effective action.

Examples of Projects Supported by the MSC Foundation and MSC Group

 Mr. Vago visiting local communities in Malawi

Humanitarian Relief

MSC works hand-in-hand with the MSC Foundation to offer support for humanitarian relief efforts in affected communities.


Mercy Ships

MSC has been supporting Mercy Ships since 2011, helping it to bring hope and healing to thousands of people without access to safe, modern healthcare or surgery. The MSC Group provides logistical support to Mercy Ships, enabling it to concentrate more of its resources on healthcare, while the MSC Foundation provides direct funding.

" We all have the duty to leave a better world for future generations "

Captain Gianluigi Aponte Chairman of MSC Foundation

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