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Your Partner for Shipping Globally

Our expansive trade services mean we bring to our customers outstanding global port coverage, connecting all the world's trade centres.

What makes our service stand out from the crowd is our ability to provide in-depth, expert knowledge of individual geographic trades and markets. Not only does this allow us to provide fast and reliable transit times, but our dedicated teams of experts are also on-hand around the clock to provide dedicated solutions for our customers.

  • Global coverage

  • Fast and reliable transit times

  • Specially trained experts

  • 300

Global Trade Services With Local Expertise

MSC’s Trade Managers each have an in-depth understanding of individual overseas markets and the dynamics of specific trades. This expertise enables them to provide you with market-specific, local advice on factors affecting the transit of your cargo. This might include:

  • Terminal conditions.
  • Local or overseas transport infrastructure.
  • Berthing delays or congestion.
  • Local or overseas regulatory and political changes.
  • Any relevant customs procedures.


Whether you’re importing or exporting, working with MSC will plug you into a network of experts across more than 675 offices, planning 300 global routes to 520 ports in over 155 countries, and we’re committed to offering competitive rates and transit times.

Service Tailored to your Needs

We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We believe that by staying close to your business as it evolves, we are able to develop our services to match your changing needs. That way we can continue to offer a truly tailor-made range of services – whatever you want to ship, wherever you want to ship it.

Beyond this, MSC services are committed to improving sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions.

Find out More About our Trade Solutions

We offer a wealth of different services depending on your shipping needs, including Transatlantic and Transpacific shipping services.

Our vast network of Transatlantic services provides routes across the ocean, including from Europe to Canada, Europe to Mexico, and Europe to the USA. Our local experts are on hand to help with shipping a variety of cargo including beverages, paper, and forestry products. We also offer a full portfolio of solutions, including inland intermodal transportation and haulage solutions.

Equally, our Transpacific services, offer connections between destinations such as Vietnam and South China and the Pacific Southwest. Our highly connected global network, combined with an unrivalled commitment to customer service is designed to provide your business with the scale, speed, and reliability needed for success.

 MSC Oscar (built 2015), 19 224 TEU, at Asyaport in Turkey
East - West Network
Transatlantic Services
European and Short Sea Network

Everything your Import and Export Business Needs

Learn more about the different trade services available with MSC today. As well as our global port coverage, our network of local experts is committed to helping you find the best solutions for your needs. As well as ensuring fast and reliable transit times for our customers, at MSC we offer a full portfolio of solutions, including:

  • Inland Transportation

  • Digital business

  • MSC Cargo Insurance

Start your journey today